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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning in Construction – BuiltWorlds & Burger Consulting Group Analyst Call

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are becoming common buzzwords in the construction industry. Like many evolving technologies before it, these two terms carry a lot of promise but also opportunity for misunderstanding.

Even though AI and Machine Learning technology are still early in their inception, they are developing quickly in construction and we are left asking how AI will change construction. AI is beginning to appear in solutions for project scheduling, logistics, in BIM in the form of generative modeling, health and safety, monitoring project risk, and predictive maintenance.

Our panel of industry experts will provide a solid framework for thinking about AI and Machine learning, where they’re being applied in construction today, the challenges the industry faces in trying to adopt AI/ML, and how construction companies might plan for leveraging the technology.

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ENR Buildtech - Aligning IT and Operations for the Post-Covid-19 Future | March 11

As some organizations struggled to deploy a remote workforce during 2020s raging storms of disruptions, others did not miss a beat. Why? In the session we will hear from McCownGordon Construction executives who say the difference comes from the successful integration of IT with construction operations, and will explain how it is done. And then Nirva Fereshetian, Chief Information Officer at CBT Architects, will throw the discussion forward to opportunities now arising as work-from-home strategies are blended back into in-office operations. She says, “this is an opportunity to refocus digital strategies and move to future proofing that accelerates and builds on the digital momentum we have gained” [and] emerge from the COVID-19 outbreak stronger than ever. And finally, we will hear from the Burger Consulting Group, which advises on construction IT, about a framework for evaluating processes for inefficiencies or effectiveness, before seeking out and applying technologies to align them with need.

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Before a company buys new software to solve a perceived need in the organization, it is usually a good idea to take a close look at the processes being automated. This session focuses on how to diagnose a given process, identify needs for automation, how to implement new solutions and bring about positive and impactful change. In the construction industry, there is a considerable amount of un-used or under-utilized software. This happens for a variety of reasons, not all of them under the contractor’s power to change. But some of it is and this will be our focus. This session will share a number of specific tactics that can be used to diagnose processes as well as improve them with a combination of software and process change. We will discuss how IT needs to support these initiatives but, most often, cannot lead them by themselves. We will look at some specific case studies from different types of contractors as well as have an open discussion around the challenges with process change in many construction organizations.

May 11, 2021 @ 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
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2021 Past Events

Automating and Managing Construction Materials Logistics & Trucking in the Heavy/Civil Space

Please join experienced consultants from Burger Consulting Group and construction technology professionals from Command Alkon to learn more about the changing landscape of automation in the Heavy/Civil space, based on results from Burger Consulting’s recent Construction Materials & Trucking Automation Survey. The webinar will discuss how materials suppliers and contractors are managing equipment, automating fuel, estimating and bidding work, and handling integration between their disparate systems.

Register to join us on Thursday, February 25th at 1:00 PM Central Time


For many years, the construction industry had a fairly clear path for automation. New ERP systems every ten years or so, estimating solutions for bidding, a PM application for RFIs and Submittals. Ten years ago, things got more complicated as the marketplace offered many more types of systems and solutions to automate various functions (e.g. Human Resources, BIM, and tool tracking). Today, there is even more congestion in the marketplace, overlapping functions, and varying levels of success as well as consolidation of the smaller developers by the larger ones. How can a contractor make sense of this and make good decisions for his/her own organization? This session seeks to provide some clarity around the position we are in and where the technology is heading. We will also look at how contractors can better plan for evolving IT landscape, select and implement better, and finally, get greater return from the investment in IT.

2020 Past Events

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BuildWorlds - Events

Analyst Call Series - Connecting Project Management & Accounting Systems - September 2 |Virtual

The Analyst call is a monthly one hour call that covers key industry trends and insight from industry professionals. The September call will focus on integration and how to tie in project management systems to accounting systems. It will focus on the benefits of connecting the data, risk management and processes efficiency gains.  Christian Burger from BCG will be apart of the September call with other industry experts sharing his insight and expertise. Join the growing list of BuiltWorlds members today and received free access to this event. 

Infrastructure Conference - August 12-13 |Virtual Event

Examining emerging ideas around the future of our smart infrastructure projects. The two day event took a deeper view of how emerging technology is influencing the development in smarter construction equipment, better systems and smarter tool. Christian Burger joined Jen Jewet a construction technology sales specialist at Autodesk, Oded Ran, co-founder and ceo at Clue Insight and Lori Robinett, managing partner at Iterisk, as they discussed New Horizon in Construction Management Technology for Infrastructure. Become a member of BuiltWorlds to access this event. Click on the link below for more information.

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AGC IT Conference - August 3-6 |Virtual

The construction Industry’s number one conference has gone virtual in 2020. This event educates, inspires and provides key takeaways to help companies utilize cutting-edge technology and be more efficient. This year both Angus Frost and Christian Burger from BCG hosted individual sessions. Click on the link below to sign up today, using discount code “Burger15”.  

Session Details:

August 3, 2020 |1:30pm – Pandemic’s Unintended Consequences – A discussion on the vision of the future and steps to embrace digital transformation – presented jointly by Angus Frost & Mel Heckman, from West Monroe 

August 5, 2020 |12:30pm – Business Process Improvement – This session covers the recent business disruption impact on business process and how to move to more contemporary processes. Presented by Christian Burger

Challenges on the AEC Horizon -July 23 |Online Panel Discussion

Interactive discussion with C-suite executives and national leaders on “Challenges on the AEC Horizon“. Hosted by  Northwestern University’s EMDC program. The event offers an in-depth understanding of the future of the AEC industry through the eye of C-suite executives and industry experts, including BCG own Christian Burger. Attendees will also gain insight into how EMDC program offer, designed to provide professional with the managerial leadership skills for this ever-changing industry. Join the conversation through the link below. 

MindFuel Construction Series - Available June 1 |Webinar Series

A series of webinar sessions held by IFS focused on how construction organizations can face and conquer ever growing list of challenges. The series includes a session featuring Christian Burger on Two game-changing trends in construction are BIM and offsite – are they the path to a bright future?

AGC Navigating the Outbreak - March 23 - April 1 |Webinar Series

An eight part webinar series on the Factors that Construction Companies Need to Consider, as They Strive for Business Continuity.  Including a session featuring Angus Frost on Navigating the Outbreak, Part VII: The Additional Pressure that the Outbreak Could be Putting on Your Information Technology 

2019 Past Events

Advancing Integrated Project Delivery - September 16-18 | Minneapolis, MN

Enable Pure IPD & IPD Lite Project Success by Grasping Culture, Defining Values, Securing Buy-In & Mastering IPD Project Stages

Chicago Build- September 19-20 | Chicago, IL

Part of the internationally renowned global Build series in New York, London, Sydney, Glasgow and Auckland. The event featured 200+ speakers across 12 conference tracks (including Government Contracts & Policy, Sustainability, Real Estate, Architecture, BIM & Digital Construction, Health & Safety, Future Construction and Skills Hub). 

CFMA Conference - September 22-23 | Lombard, IL

Annually held event offering educational and networking opportunities, designed for CFOs, Controllers and financial managers in the construction industry. Christian Burger attended the event and spoke on “IT Trends in Construction: Technology, Staffing and the Road to Better Adoption”. 

Human Resource Executive - HR Technology - October 1-4 |Las Vegas, NV

One of the largest events in the world on HR technology, this annual event brings together industry experts, numerous vendors and an opportunity to learn about the future of technology

Autodesk University - November 18-21 |Las Vegas, NV

AU connects 10,000+ professionals from construction, manufacturing, architecture, engineering and media creation. 

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