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BuiltWorlds 2022 Construction Tech Conference

Date: July 13-14, 2022

Location: Chicago, IL

Panel Session: ERP, Project Management, and Your Data

Following up on the well-received initial BuiltWorlds Analyst Call on ERP, PM and Data, the original panel (less one) will appear again, live this time to take the conversation to the next level. ERP and PM solution architecture and strategy will be front and center as before but with more emphasis on the data architecture, development in the vendor community, and practical considerations for deployment. This finely balanced panel of contractors and industry consultants will share several visions of contractors’ future state and what it will take to get there. Integration strategies, data warehousing, business intelligence, and enterprise architecture will feature in the debate.

Date/Time: July 13, 2022 3:45-4:30pm CST


Christian Burger, Founder & President, Burger Consulting

Michael Ricks, Director of Strategic Operations, Anning-Johnson Company

Rob Spencer, CIO, Camp Construction Services

Angus Frost, Senior Consultant – IT Infrastructure, Burger Consulting

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