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Burger Consulting Group (BCG) is an experienced team of construction technology consultants and construction industry thought leaders. Burger Consulting Group actively focuses on the alignment of IT solutions with the unique business strategies of our clients.

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From inception in 1997, Burger Consulting has been regarded as the firm to come to for objective and independent counsel on technology and best practices in construction. Our early days were focused on ERP and other business systems. While that remains a core focus, we have expanded our service offerings in response to market trends and client needs.

Burger Consulting Group is the most experienced and trusted IT and consultancy firm in the construction industry.

BCG has been serving North America for over 25 years and has worked for more ENR ranked companies than any other consultancy in the industry. Burger Consulting Group enjoys a reputation of independence and objectivity that stems from having no alignment with any software vendors. We can help you establish a strategy for how IT should function for your company, then design solutions that meet your specific needs.

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Unlock the secrets to successful software implementations in this video, where we reveal essential keys to a seamless process, encompassing thorough planning, effective communication, and adaptable strategies that pave the way for harnessing the full potential of cutting-edge technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Burger Consulting Group specializes in the construction industry. Nearly all of Burger Consulting Group’s staff, especially the consulting team, have construction industry backgrounds. Often, engagements with Burger Consulting Group begin with a process or system evaluation. This diagnostic process leads to the identification of various processes and systems which are not optimal for the organization. Recommendations around improvement can include upgrading an existing system, better implementing an existing solution, or integrating disparate solutions. Because we are objective, the firm is not wedded to any one vendor or product, but rather chooses to assist clients with the development of an overall technology-stack suitable to the firm. Further, with background in Heavy/Civil, GC/CM and specialty contractors, Burger Consulting Group can bring very specific insight and recommendations to the unique processes of each type of contractor.

Business process consultants help organizations evaluate, automate and streamline business processes. They often bring strong knowledge of an industry’s business processes to the engagement but also have considerable experience in moving organizations toward a vision of best practices rather than simply a dogmatic view of “this is the best way”. Streamlining business processes is a process in and of itself where the consultant must listen carefully, engage with the process team(s), and drive them carefully toward a better way. They should also be aware of enterprise technologies so they can bring those to bear as needed (e.g., middleware, ECM, Low-Code/No-Code) as well as state-of-the-art solutions that can handle an entire process from end to end.

A technology assessment can include one or more of the following:

  • A review of IT organization structure, including individual roles and responsibilities, to ensure that areas of responsibility and skills available align with the overall needs of the company.
  • A review of the underlying technology infrastructure from networking, security, data centers, management tools, IT service management, cloud, data and/or integration strategies, end-user devices, etc. to ensure that these are sufficient to support the applications and technical initiatives that drive the business. This also includes the identification of areas that introduce technical risk to the company.
  • A review of the applications in use to ensure that these are being used to their maximum potential, that they support best practices and the current business processes, and that end-users are adequately trained in their usage. Where risks and inefficiencies exist, these are identified, rated and recommendations prioritized.
  • A review of the overall IT strategy to ensure it aligns with industry trends and the long-term goals of the business.

Burger Consulting Group partners with clients to ensure smooth and successful client implementations. Our services can augment the professional services offered by software vendors. Our approach uses a proven implementation methodology, the ‘Playbook’ to prepare and manage our clients throughout the lifecycle of the process. This includes incorporating change management principles to foster organizational buy-in and successful adoption by team members and end-users. Expert consultants conduct highly valuable design workshops with your team to build future business processes, delivering ‘future-state’ process documentation and workflows that align with your organizational objectives and industry best practices. Each engagement includes a dedicated Project Manager that works directly with you. Our Project Management team utilizes a hands-on approach to manage both business and technology needs to mitigate risk and deliver projects on time and within budget. The Project Manager services can address the needs of integration workflows, data migration, testing of processes within the new solutions, and training and documentation.

Software implementations can be complex and overwhelming for any organization. However, here at Burger Consulting Group, we have in-house resources to assist you through your endeavor. The services we provide are management of software implementations, design, configuration/setup, integrations, data migration, testing, documentation/training, readiness assessment, and Go-Live support.


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Burger Consulting Group is the most experienced and trusted IT and consultancy firm in the construction industry. We can help you establish a strategy for how IT should function for your company, then design solutions that meet your specific needs.

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