Systems Evaluation for Construction Companies

Carefully evaluate the existing accounting, job costing, estimating, scheduling, and/or project administration systems. Identify strengths and weaknesses within the systems and locate obstacles created by internal processes and procedures. Work with management to diagnose internal challenges in order to make the most effective use of the existing systems. Develop a strategy to address these internal process challenges, and prepare necessary implementation and action plans.

Step-by-Step Process:

  1. Preparation
    • Assemble project team and prepare work schedule
    • Distribute preliminary interview materials
    • Review available data regarding existing systems and corporate direction
  2. Interview
    • Interview operations and accounting personnel regarding their system needs and use of existing systems
    • Identify and document gap between desired and existing systems
    • Identify organizational issues impacting the effectiveness of the existing system
  3. Analyze
    • Analyze sample reports and documentation received during interviews
    • Identify and document common important issues
    • Assess capabilities of existing system to determine strengths and weaknesses
  4. Conduct Preliminary Workshop
    • Provide initial observations and alternatives to team members
    • Facilitate workshop with team to review findings and narrow alternatives
    • Document preliminary direction and open issues
  5. Work with Software Developer(s)
    • Work with vendor(s) of existing systems to determine client’s use of system
    • Identify intended direction of third-party products used by client
    • Assess compatibility of all vended solutions with client’s desired direction
  6. Prepare Report of Final Recommendations
    • Identify costs associated with each alternative
    • Identify best alternative(s) for client’s information system
    • Document and support findings
  7. Present Findings to Team
    • Provide final recommendation memorandum to team
    • Facilitate workshop to review observations, options, and recommendations
    • Achieve consensus on findings and recommendations
  8. Action Planning
    • Document necessary activities
    • Assign responsibilities and associated time frames
    • Develop bar chart schedule incorporating activities and dates

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