Strategic Planning

BCG establishes a clear vision for the client’s enterprise information system based on the company’s direction and objectives, and we do this collaboratively with senior management, operations personnel, and accounting staff. The process focuses on the demands and expectations of internal and external customers. It also ensures good utilization of existing systems, and that all components of the planned information system are ultimately compatible. Burger Consulting Group then develops and delivers the implementation schedule and action plan, which will enable the client to obtain the most from their investment in information technology.

Step-by-Step Process:

    1. Preparation
      • Determine planning team and prepare schedule
      • Distribute preliminary planning materials
      • Review available data regarding existing systems and corporate direction
    2. Workshop I
      • Conduct first planning workshop
      • Identify preliminary goals and objectives
      • Develop framework for interviews and remaining workshop
    3. On-Site Interviews
      • Interview operations and accounting personnel regarding existing and desired systems
      • Review existing systems, reports, and documentation
      • Identify organizational opportunities and issues that impact the overall system direction
    4. Compile Results
      • Document results of first planning workshop and interviews
      • Evaluate strengths and weaknesses of various technology alternatives
      • Return results to planning team members for review and feedback
    5. Research
      • Conduct necessary research on appropriate technologies and products
      • Correspond with vendors of existing systems as necessary
      • Develop reports and materials for second workshop based on analysis results
    6. Workshop II
      • Conduct review of observations and recommendations
      • Work with planning team to prioritize various objectives and initiatives
      • Confirm direction, priorities, and schedule
      • Conduct action-planning workshop
    7. Action Planning
      • Document necessary activities
      • Assign responsibilities and associated timeframes
      • Develop bar chart schedule incorporating activities and dates
    8. Documentation
      • Prepare memorandum for distribution to the planning team and organization
      • Prepare information systems planning document
      • Conclude any open correspondence with software vendors

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