Technology Assessment

In a technology assessment, our consultants can evaluate the solutions your organization has, how well they are being used, and how (if at all) they need to be augmented. BCG will provide a concise report of solutions in place, how their use compares to their potential and, where appropriate, share additional or alternative products or product classes which would be appropriate for the organization. Another component of this process is the evaluation of underlying infrastructure and IT support. This would include topics such as field access, report writing and BI, integrations, and document storage.


Objective assessment of your key business processes and systems with our regard to favorites or partners in the marketplace.

Construction Experience

BCG walks into your organization with a comprehensive knowledge of processes and systems. No need to train us on your business.

Practical and Pragmatic

Practical approach to technology aligned with the ambitions of the organization. No recommendations just for technology’s sake.

Measure twice, cut once. Get an unbiased assessment from industry experts.

Before you acquire new technology or discard some existing solutions, take the time to get a thorough assessment of your business processes. Sometimes we find a perfectly good existing solution being poorly utilized or, at other times, organizations struggling to make an inappropriate solution meet expectation. Either way, alignment of the technology with the processes is key. The Technology Assessment gives you that visibility.

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