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BCG provides unparalleled customer service and personalized strategic consulting for our clients. Throughout the process, our consultants are actively involved with the assessment, selection, deployment and adoption, and deployment of the latest technology advances for the construction industry. BCG is dedicated to providing our clients with an optimal consulting experience balancing the latest technology trends with business benefit.

Construction companies place specific demands on information technology, with key processes and departments highly reliant on information exchange, tracking, and monitoring. From job costing to inventory control, project management to finance and accounting, your business depends on its information systems. [company_short] understands this. We know that your customers and your internal stakeholders — from management to line personnel — need accurate, timely data. We can help you establish a strategy for how IT should function for your company, and can design a solution that meets your specific needs.

Our services include

BCG will review current HR processes to determine areas of inefficiency and risk within the organization and their relative impact. [company_short] will also provide guidance on best practices with an industry-specific focus.

Learn how an ECM Readiness Assessment could benefit your organization.

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Working closely with your senior management, operations, and accounting staff, [company_short]’s professionals will develop a clear IT strategy based on your company’s direction and objectives, identifying practical issues and potential constraints. This includes reviewing the opportunities presented by advanced technologies, such as field data collection, electronic content management (ECM), building information modeling (BIM), and GPS solutions.

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Software review and selection are critical when making a technology investment, especially when considering an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Vendor independence is a key differentiator of [company_short]: We maintain relationships with the industry’s leading technology providers, but our evaluation, selection, and implementation processes remain completely objective. We monitor developments in the business software sector to understand emerging technologies, minimize implementation risks, and help clients determine the optimal solution for their business.

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BCG coordinates with executive management, operations, and external software resources to develop, schedule, and budget for effective implementation. We offer insight into the structure and reporting relationships necessary for an internal project management office (PMO), monitor software installations, and provide guidance on specific challenges that emerge during a project. These challenges include data interchange, migrations, internal processes, and change management.

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BCG’s systems evaluations focus on determining the capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses of your existing systems, including finance, job costing, inventory management, project management, and HR applications. We perform these evaluations against the framework of your organization’s operational requirements.

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BCG evaluates your current project procedures and systems, including accounting, job costing, forecasting, change order processing, billing, project management, and scheduling to provide objective advice on ways to more fully optimize your existing technology platform and/or realize improved ROI.

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After any implementation is complete, organizations frequently need to revisit certain business operations and processes to better take advantage of the new technology. [company_short]’s post-implementation assessments review the effectiveness and functionality of the newly deployed architecture, and identify ways to fine-tune your use of the systems.

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Establishing a Project Management Office (PMO) has many benefits, including better evaluation of an organization’s IT ROI, smoother internal adoption of deployed technologies, and more efficient integration of new systems and processes across departments, functions, and geography. [company_long] can recommend a structure for such a PMO, as well as provide on-site CIO support in order to best leverage project management techniques across the enterprise. This support keeps IT strategic planning and specific projects on time, on budget, and on course with your organizational objectives.

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