Business Process Review and Optimization

A business process review evaluates a system to identify areas of improvement and how technology can be leveraged to execute these improvements. A business process review should be the first step when implementing or reassessing existing processes. It starts with a comprehensive analysis of your current processes and requirements.

A well-executed business process review will:

  • Help to determine the risks (if any) associated with the implementation of a new process or system
  • Aid in accurately determining the cost, scope, and projected outcome of the implementation
  • Establish realistic expectations of a project before a commitment is made

Business process reviews are one of the many tools used by BCG to identify and resolve inefficiencies, boost capabilities, and improve growth for our clients. The review process is highly involved, and necessitates broad access to company systems as well as interviews with employees who perform the processes to be reviewed. This precision and attention to detail enables BCG consultants to maximize your benefits from the business process review.

BCG evaluates project procedures and systems involving accounting, job costing, forecasting, change order processing, billing, project management, and scheduling to provide objective advice on ways to fully optimize your existing technology platforms.

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