Intelligent Document Management

Outside of an organization’s people, information is the most important company asset. Just like good management around your team is critical, so is the proper skillset and tools to manage your information. Burger Consulting Group’s intelligent document management services are designed to assist our clients in aligning the right resources and solving information-driven business challenges.  

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Document Control

Intelligent document management
System driven workflows
Electronic storage & version controls

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Security and Governance

Data and Document level security
Automated retention rules
Dedicated document repositories

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Structured Content
Single source storage
Metadata capture

Our Process

  • BCG consultants lead workshops with each of our client’s department experts and listen to their ideas, roadblocks, understand their current processes and how they may cross-pollinate throughout the organization.
  • Our team delivers a comprehensive assessment identifying risk, inefficiencies and providing recommendations that aligning with best practice and your business needs. Delivering opportunities for quick wins and large ROI’s to your organization.
  • Our team works with clients to create a comprehensive roadmap and content strategy that incorporates our clients resources and ambition levels. 
  • BCG’s services incorporate dedicated change management principles into our process to foster organization buy-in and successful adoption. 
  • Experts consultants will build tailored workflows and business processes and teach you how to create electronic workflows and forms.  
  • With our proven software selection strategy, we will find the right software solution to fit your business requirements and objectives. 
  • We can provide program framework with governance to assist in publishing your records management document, privacy and compliance.
  • With our in-house expertise, our team can guide the migration of current content  and ensure your IT infrastructure meets industry standards. 
  • BCG implementation services can led our clients through the entire implementation cycle and advise on inhouse resources. 

According to the last World Economic Forum, how effectively an organization manages and amalgamates its informational assets to create value is at the center of the next industrial revolution.

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