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Construction organizations have a dozen or so core business processes. Functions like procurement, change order processing, forecasting, time and payroll processing, Billing and collection, are all fairly common. Other functions are unique by type of contractor. Burger Consulting’s Process Assessment engagement takes a critical eye to each of these processes through the lens of business process optimization, specifically looking at inefficiencies, risks and system utilization. Before a company starts acquiring new tech solutions it is sometimes appropriate to take a hard look at existing processes and then decide which processes need to be improved or changed before technology is then applied. Burger Consulting typically compares each process against best practices templates and can provide management with an objective assessment of the way in which the company operates today.

Best Practices

With 20+ years of experience and 200+ construction firms’ worth of experience, the Burger Consulting Group team knows what best-practices look like…and what they don’t. Your process will be compared to optimal processes in high-performing companies.

Construction Experience

Burger Consulting Group walks into your organization with a comprehensive knowledge of business process optimization and business systems. No need to train us on your business.

Templates and Tools

Burger Consulting Group has an extensive library of documented workflows appropriate for most types of construction firms. These are using to begin the process of documenting procedures and identifying gaps.

Watch Our Featured Video: Christian Burger on Process Orientation

Discover the power of process orientation in this video, where we jump into the complexities of streamlining workflows, optimizing efficiency, and achieving consistent results, ultimately driving success for a system deployment.

Approach to Process Assessment & Business Process Optimization

All business processes are evaluated on a basis of impact on efficiency and risk. Processes that are having a negative impact on one or both are identified for change, prioritized by impact to the organization (i.e., high versus low impact). Buy-in within the organization to the changes in processes and systems is developed along the way making implementation far easier and more likely to succeed. Opportunities for improvement are identified. Necessary system changes are identified along the way.

Business Process Evaluation FAQ

Engagements average about two months in duration depending on client team availability. The Burger Consulting team will conduct a series of interviews with senior leadership and subject matter experts within the process areas to be evaluated over the course of the first two weeks of the engagement. During the next three to four weeks, Burger Consulting’s team then takes the information gathered from those initial interviews, and compares with industry best practices, and evaluates the capabilities of existing systems with different opportunities for improvement. During this time alternative processes (and systems if needed to support new processes) are researched. The last two to three weeks of the engagement are spent conducting one or more workshops with the client to review documented observations, recommendations, actions plans and preliminary budgets for proposed changes to systems or personnel.  

It is our recommendation that client teams consist of an executive sponsor, an internal coordinator (to work with our project manager), IT leadership and personnel as needed for meetings involved in the daily functional areas. We will also want to spend some time with senior leadership, understanding long term business goals and objectives.  

After an initial kickoff meeting, during which time the goals and objectives of the engagement are reviewed and the Burger Consulting team hears from senior leadership about long- and short-term goals for the business, the discovery phase begins. Though a series of interviews and/or workshops facilitated by individual Burger Consulting experts, this phase focuses on three main areas; existing and desired process workflows, systems and software currently used to support these workflows and finally, the underlying IT infrastructure available (personnel and equipment) that the systems and processes run on. Any one (or more) of these areas could introduce inefficiencies and risk. Once the discovery phase is over, the R&D phase begins, where processes are compared against industry best practices and against the capabilities of existing systems. Risks and inefficiencies are identified, recommendations for new processes are documented and, where necessary, new software systems are identified. Any necessary changes to the existing IT infrastructure are also researched at this time. Once the R&D phase is complete, develop of supporting documentation including observations, risks, inefficiencies and recommendations is completed, preliminary budgets for any proposed changes developed and workshops held with key stakeholders at the client to review and develop consensus on a path forward. The final deliverable is usually a workbook that documents the decisions and action plan that the client can use for next steps.  

Any company in the construction industry can benefit from our consulting services. Burger Consulting has worked with small/mid-size contractors to ENR Top 500. Our team of consultants are industry experts who can provide a fresh perspective and assist in redesigning your business processes to gain efficiency and reduce risk to your organization.  

Our team is available to address any additional questions you may have and review your specific situation to align our service offerings with your organization needsGet in contact with us today either clicking below or by telephone. 

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