Amanda Kalcic has assisted three large contractors in the last 18 months with HRIS selections. The trend of companies seeking to implement a full-scale HR solution continues to build in

The pace of acquisitions in the Contech space has reached fever pitch. This is coming from both large publicly-traded companies acquitting mature solutions (think AutoDesk, Trimble, Oracle and Roper) to

Burger Consulting Group has been recommending the addition of a Business Analyst to many client organizations for the last five years or so. The clients who have added this role

Much of the IT buzz these days seems to revolve around GCs and some of the trades. While there is much going on in their world, there are also a number

Contractors often invest available capital in heavy equipment, new personnel, office expansion, etc., while often viewing IT as an “expense” that needs to be managed. Meanwhile, customers are demanding more

Over the past 20 years, the need for solution integration strategies in construction has shifted from convenient to ideal to critical. However, the construction industry has not kept pace with

Stay Connected As your organization goes through these changes, your remote workers will need to stay connected with the company stance and any policy and guideline rollouts. Use a regular

Step 2: Optimal Remote Access For many, working remotely is an adjustment and employees will rely on technology to stay connected and productive. Easing the barriers for employees to assess

Do you want to read Part 1 first? Read it here. Step 1: Evaluate As you begin the migration, it could be easy to dive right in with no clear

With the impact of COVID-19, the working environment has certainly changed. Companies have had little to no time to respond to the “shelter in place” or “stay at home” mandates

During the webinar, we learned that: – 53% of viewers see truck tracking as a high priority and 18% as a medium priority – 27% of viewers have a material

In the January 2020 issue of CFMA Building Profits, our own Christian Burger writes about IT Trends in Construction and reviews current and future technologies, including: Current state of the Enterprise

On November 18th, 2019, Burger Consulting Group’s Ausrine Rakauskaite, Senior Business Analyst, and Brandon Hanacik, Senior Project Manager, attended the Autodesk University (AU) conference in Las Vegas. Autodesk University first

Implementing HR software in your organization will help your organization engage employees and increase productivity. The premise around this concept is that software can be leveraged in ways that help

AUTHOR Kathleen Brown Finding reliable products in the booming construction technology marketplace has contractors stretched thin, but the right partnerships could boost efficiency and offset the hassle. Christian Burger, president

Digital transformation remains a work in progress for nearly every organization as we continually seek to improve the way we capture, present, access, process, share and control information. The event

ROI is what drives and sustains a business. Your investments must bring some value higher than the initial investment, in order for it to be worth the effort, time and The rise of telematics: How high-tech equipment tracking is taking over job sites Author By Chris Wood • Published Nov. 30, 2016 Forget about Uber. When it comes to

Top Ten Observations from the AGC IT Forum 16 By Christian Burger Let’s start with the obvious: Chicago offered up a beautiful couple of Summer days with the obligatory humidity

For many construction companies, the onboarding and orientation processes are among the administrative complexities often hurried once a candidate is hired. Yet, construction companies are missing an opportunity to provide