Software Selection

BCG works with a software selection team drawn from a cross-section of the client’s organization to choose new accounting, estimating, and/or project management systems. We conduct a needs analysis, prepare the RFP, arrange the vendor demonstrations, and help the team finalize their decision. After a system is chosen, BCG facilitates the implementation planning process with the team and the chosen vendor.

Step-by-Step Process:

  1. Select Team
    • Assemble selection team
    • Ensure cross-functional representation
    • Define mission and responsibilities
  2. Set Objectives
    • Work with upper management to define business direction and goals
    • Determine role of information system within the business
    • Develop near-term and long-term objectives for the information system
  3. Analyze Needs
    • Define key business processes
    • Interview personnel, by department or function, to identify software requirements using proprietary software checklist
    • Compare existing business processes to desired workflow
  4. Prepare Request for Proposal
    • Complete transaction volume survey
    • Document company background and existing system components
    • Determine software vendor shortlist
  5. Response Analysis
    • Score vendor responses to target software specifications
    • Prepare detailed comparison of system costs, vendor references, and technologies
    • Present response analysis and shortlisted vendors for demonstration
  6. Facilitate Demonstrations
    • Coordinate with vendors on demonstration parameters
    • Prepare and mail agendas to vendors and demonstration participants
    • Facilitate demonstrations
  7. Reference Calling
    • Follow up with vendor(s) as necessary after demonstration(s)
    • Prepare committee for reference calling and assign contacts
    • Coordinate site visits, if appropriate
  8. Contract Review
    • Review license and support contracts
    • Review any customization specifications and costs
    • Ensure all costs are included in agreement(s)
  9. Decision Support
    • Review reference calling results and vendor responses to open issues
    • Solicit input from all selection team members
    • Prepare recommendation memorandum for management team or board of directors
  10. Implementation Planning
    • Assemble implementation team and coordinate planning session
    • Facilitate implementation planning session
    • Prepare and distribute planning document and schedule

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