ERP & Project Management Scenario Planning

With the software marketplace in such a state of flux and so much functional overlap between applications, it can be hard to know the right software solutions for your construction firm.

  • Does your firm depend on a legacy ERP solution that supports only accounting and little else?
  • Do you find yourself creating spreadsheets outside of your ERP solution, only to reenter data into the system later?
  • Do you struggle to access information quickly?
  • Do you need better insight into your projects?
  • Are you considering replacing your ERP system but are unsure where to start… or when?

Burger Consulting Group recognized this situation in the marketplace a few years ago and began developing a quick and effective assessment process to address these issues without you having to make a large commitment until you are ready.

The assessment is built to give you better insight into your organization, systems, and processes, and provide you with a clear understanding of your firm’s options. Burger Consulting Group then provides two to three solution scenarios to choose from when the time is right.

In each scenario you will see what you stand to gain as well as what you may be sacrificing. You can pause the process, evaluate the results, and when you are ready to make the move, you have the information and framework to make your decision and move forward with selection and implementation.

The scenario planning assessment is…


5 – 6 weeks – long enough to be thorough, quick enough to be efficient with your time. This gets your firm to a clearer position faster.


No more than 1 to 2 hour remote sessions with personnel from your organization, developing buy-in as we go.


Far less expensive than software selection and implementation. Cost is commensurate on size and complexity of the organization

At the end of the assessment, Burger Consulting Group will deliver a report outlining the scenarios in detail. The scenarios range from a more ambitious plan that includes a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Project Management software, a middle of the road strategy, and a more conservative option that is less costly and less disruptive.

You will know your strategic options, recommended solutions, and the expected opportunity for improvement. Burger Consulting Group will outline the degree of disruption and resource commitments you can expect during the implementation as well as the overall financial investment required and, importantly, what improvements you can expect from the change.
Construction Cost Diagram.

We will ensure you have everything you need to plan and communicate within your organization and prepare them for the change. Contact us to get started.

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