Director of Innovation

Burger Consulting Group is introducing a service that will allow firms in-need to contract a “Director of Innovation” who is knowledgeable about the construction industry and technology.

A Director of Innovation can be hired on retainer and will spend several days each month helping your company’s management team evaluate solutions, prioritize initiatives, and provide direction. This service includes:

  • Identifying opportunities for technology within the organization
  • Prioritizing functions and/or processes that need solutions, and identifying criteria for optimal solutions
  • Providing monthly reports to the client’s executive sponsors on new developments
  • Presenting quarterly to the Executive Team on initiatives and the status of solutions
  • Working with IT to understand IT strategy in general and ensuring the alignment of solutions

The focus will be on:

  • Organizational Dynamics
  • Dynamics within IT
  • Company Goals & Strategy 

Your contracted Burger Consulting Group “Director of Innovation” will dedicate an agreed upon number of hours per month to your organization, and will deliver:

  • Evaluation of all Business Processes & Identification of Priorities-of-Focus
  • Opportunities for either Process or Software Improvement (including recommendations of potential solutions with expected costs and ROI)
  • Identification of Areas Needing Deeper Analysis & Evaluation
  • A Monthly Report of the Latest Technology (tailored to your construction operation’s needs)

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Director of Innovation
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