Software Implementation Project Management

The process of planning and managing is crucial to ensure the successful implementation of any software solution. Many contractors struggle with certain aspects of implementations such as change management, managing multiple vendors involved in integrations, data conversions, testing, and training. Our implementation project managers take on the responsibility of fully planning and managing this process, acting as a client advocate with the vendor(s), becoming an integral part of your team to ensure a successful experience and working to meet your go live date within budget.

Coordination of Resources

Contractors frequently lack an internal resource to manage and coordinate all parties of an implementation project. These parties include both internal and external vendor personnel. We have experience in this role and have worked with all major ERP vendors and most 3rd-party vendors on large and small implementations.

Knowledge of Implementation Activities

Chances are, you have not had to manage an implementation involving multiple vendors working together on a complex integrated implementation. We have…many times over. We know what activities are critical and how to engage the team. We look ahead to anticipate issues and can identify the risks in an implementation early on before they turn into mistakes that cost both time and money.

Testing and Training Experience

After finalizing the business process design decisions, we make sure they get incorporated into the software solutions by building and monitoring the progress of Test Scripts – these are the day-to-day activities that need to be testing before going live with any software solution. After all activities have been tested and verified are working as designed, we can create and conduct training based on the tested activities so that end-users have documentation to refer to at, and after, go live.

Approach to Implementation Project Management

We approach an implementation as though we are an internal part of your team and will hold accountable those within your organization as well as the software vendors we work with. We feel this is the best way to drive the implementation project forwards and this facilitates faster adoption of the new processes and solutions being implemented.

Implementation Project Management FAQ

Any company undertaking a software implementation can benefit from our services. Burger Consulting has worked with small/mid-size contractors to ENR Top 500. Burger Consulting has a proven implementation methodology and works with the software vendor (s) to align the implementation activities for a comprehensive and cohesive approach. Our team member is dedicated to each client for consistency throughout the engagement.

Burger Consulting takes on the responsibility of fully planning and managing all stages of the implementation process. Often times implementation projects can be complex involving multiple solutions and integration complexities. Our implementation Project Manager covers the entire project working across all parties involved to ensure all implementation activities are aligned and seamlessly executed.

Our team is available to address any additional questions you may have and walkthrough our service offering. Get in contact with us today via our Contact Us page.

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