Systems Implementation Planning and Project Management

The process of planning and managing is crucial to ensure the successful implementation of any software solution.  If you have an internal resource that is capable of managing an implementation, we can serve as a mentor for them during the course of the implementation.  Or if you need someone to take on the responsibility of fully planning and managing this process, we can step in to be an integral part of the team to insure a successful experience.

 The overall scope of this work includes coordinating with your internal implementation team, the vendor’s consulting team, and any other 3rd party resources to execute the implementation plan to meet your go-live date within budget.  Identify implementation obstacles and work with those involved to overcome them.

 BCG has developed a proven Implementation Playbook in preparing and managing the team toward a common goal:

  1. Implementation Planning Session

    • Assemble implementation team
    • Set goals and objectives
    • Assign team responsibilities
    • Prepare project plan and schedule
    • Assign QA responsibility and develop procedures
  2. Training
    • Develop training schedule
    • Confirm preparation of training environment
    • Ensure qualified training resources are scheduled from the vendor
  3. Design and Setup
    • Facilitate workshops for critical setup decisions (e.g., chart of accounts, cost code structures)
    • Facilitate design presentation workshop
    • Ensure all team leaders are prepared for setup responsibilities
    • Identify, document, and coordinate any custom programming requirements
  4. Testing
    • Assist with the development of test scripts
    • Verify testing results
    • Ensure testing is performed for custom programming and unique reports
    • Coordinate integrated conference room pilot (CRP) and develop follow-up action plan
  5. Data Conversion
    • Develop data conversion strategy and schedule for automated and manual tasks
    • Identify internal and/or external resources required for data conversion function
    • Secure necessary tools for completing data conversion
    • Develop testing process and train team leaders or conversion manager
  6. End-User Training
    • Develop end-user training schedule
    • Review training and end-user documentation
    • Ensure training environment and team are ready
  7. Go-Live
    • Perform readiness assessment
    • Ensure necessary resources are on site during go-live week
    • Conduct management out-briefing and prepare final assessment with recommendations for next phase

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