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Process Changes and Effective Deployment of Technology | October 21, 2021

CFMA Carolinas Construction Conference I In-Person Event

Thursday, October 21 I 1:00 – 2:15 p.m. EDT 


Christian Burger, President & CEO, Burger Consulting Group

Session Description:

Many presentations on IT lead with the tech. But there are significant trends happening now in Construction which are impacting. Certainly prefabrication, Lean methods, LEED certification, modular building, an acute labor shortage, increased compliance reporting are among them. So how are these developments impacting the requirements contractors have from technology?

Developments in construction are happening independently from tech. It’s interesting to note that the Tech sector is frustrated with construction’s ability to keep pace but the same could be said in reverse. Requirements contractors have now or will have very soon are not being squarely addressed by the software solution marketplace. This presentation will take a thorough look at the trends now occurring in construction and how that will/translate into changes in technology. We will look at examples of technology that are coming into construction from other industries as well as some technologies which are changing the way construction is performed.

The purpose of this presentation is to help the contractor audience recognize important changes in the way their businesses are trending and understand what technology they will need. We will also discuss how these technologies can be acquired and deployed successfully. Specifically, we will look at prefabrication’s impact on ERP, labor shortage’s impact on HR, supply chain’s impact on procurement and Lean Construction’s impact on production management systems like scheduling. We will also examine ways in which a far more tech-savvy workforce is changing the solution space. This involves Equipment Management, Service Management, and HR.

Session Objectives:

In this session, attendees will:

  • Understand the key trends in construction and how they are impacting requirements from tech
  • Prioritize the right solutions or technologies for your business based on where you are and importantly, where you are heading
  • Recognize the changing expectations of your now tech-savvy workforce and how that changes the solutions you deploy
  • Structure your IT resources (department) according to the new demands of the organization

Grandover Resort & Conference Center

Greensboro, NC

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