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AGC IT Conference ITCON 2022

Christian Burger and Angus Frost will be attending this year’s AGC IT Conference in Chicago. The conference offers the opportunity to discuss future in the construction industry and address technology problems with your fellow IT professionals. The conference is offering two pre-conference bootcamps and Christian and Angus will be conducting Bootcamp #2. The bootcamp is scheduled for August 16th from 1:00-5:00pm CDT with limited spots available.

The focus of the bootcamp Christian and Angus will be conducting is License Agreements in Today’s Environment: Negotiating the best deal for Cloud and Saas. The workshop will review the elements of today’s cloud and Saas agreements, negotiating leverage you can use to strike a better deal, negotiating techniques which help improve your chances of getting what you want and options for when you can’t, and secondary agreements that are common when licensing software like professional services contracts.

Date: August 16-18, 2022

Location: Chicago, IL

Conference: AGC IT Conference ITCON ‘22

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