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Associated General Contractors Convention News

Christian Burger just returned from Dallas where the Associated General Contractors (AGC) Convention was being held. Near the end of the conference, the IT Forum elected to hold its annual steering committee meeting. Many IT enthusiasts including Rob Spencer (Camp Construction), Kevin Sohoo (Egnyte), Karen Wuerfl (KLW Corp), and Lauren Williams (McCarthy) stayed for an extra day at the convention center.

Under the leadership of AGC’s CIO, Pablo Destafinis, the IT Forum met and discussed topics, trends, and formats for the upcoming conference. Visit this website for information and registration and use code BURGER15 for a discount. The conference is growing in popularity and the committee works hard to ensure the most relevant and high-quality content is provided. The committee is currently seeking speaker proposals; though the website has a deadline of April 4th for speaking proposals, the committee is extending the deadline by a week.

Topics can be submitted here. Burger Consulting Group will be at the conference in force this year to help ensure another outstanding series of presentations and discussions.

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