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How Attitude Affects Software Implementations

How Attitude Affects Software Implementations

By: Brandon Hanacik | Senior Project Manager

Over the past several years, I’ve been fortunate to participate in a diverse array of software implementations. While each project differs in its specifics, they all share common themes: they demand significant time and resources, induce stress, and necessitate deep contemplation to refine and integrate new processes into the software infrastructure. Amidst these challenges, one of the pivotal factors determining success or failure is the collective attitude of the implementation team. A positive attitude encourages an atmosphere of collaboration and commitment, whereas negativity can lead to disengagement and reluctance to participate.

Before an implementation begins, I like to have a team kickoff where everyone on the team attends and understands each person’s role and responsibility. Ideally, this would include the vendor as well. To develop engagement from all team members, it’s important to be able to delegate responsibility. I have been involved in implementations where there is a single individual that tries to attend all meetings and make all decisions in all areas of the implementation, and it does not end well.

This type of approach does not foster team buy-in and has even caused the single individual to burn out before the
implementation is complete. Alternatively, I have been involved in implementations where responsibility has been delegated to a multitude of team members across all areas. This approach typically creates what we call a "broad and deep bench” of knowledge once the company goes live on the new software.

Additionally, it’s important to build and rely on personal relationships during an implementation. As mentioned previously there is an element of stress in all implementations and when you have personal relationships it fosters an atmosphere of teamwork and caring about each other’s well-being.

Implementations will always include a large effort to complete, but if you have the right attitude, you may find that you end up having an enjoyable and a satisfying experience without burning yourself or other team members out in the process.

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