Webinar Recording: Automating & Streamlining Quote-to-Cash

During the webinar, we learned that:

– 53% of viewers see truck tracking as a high priority and 18% as a medium priority

– 27% of viewers have a material management or order processing application that they’re not using, while 47% have it and use it

– 69% of the webinar viewers still use manual processes for ticketing, dispatching, material management, and billing!

If you have a material management or order processing application within your ERP, you could be solving:

– Manual material ticketing and handling
– Unreliable trucking dispatching on phones and spreadsheets
– Manual fuel tracking
– Excessive time spent correcting billings
– Manually reconciling trucking invoices

View the webinar below to see how you can start addressing these issues. Stay on the lookout for our next blog post with some additional insights!

A special thank you to ViewpointTAC InsightCommand Alkon, and Christian Burger and Karen Wuerfl for leading the discussion!

A webinar featuring online software displays many small details that may be hard to see when embedded in the above window. To get the big picture, please hover over the video and click the “Fullscreen” option.

Hosted by Viewpoint. Recorded Wednesday, February 19, 2020

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