Top Ten Signs Your Company Needs a Better ECM Strategy, Tools or Deployment

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  1. Significant dependence on paper forms and documents including manual filing (look for lots of filing cabinets and banker boxes).
  2. Significant costs associated with document retrieval when discovery notice is issued or claims need to be substantiated.
  3. Manual effort required to provide billing backup (e.g. invoice copies, time sheets).
  4. HR documents scattered about including manual folders, local drives and perhaps without proper security. Delays in Payroll receiving pertinent information
  5. Over reliance on non-compliant, personal Cloud-storage options without proper security or archival strategy.
  6. Frustration within the user-community around time/effort to retrieve project documents when necessary.
  7. Lengthy and manual effort required to provide customers documents at project closeout.
  8. Heavy reliance on e-mail for workflow and document distribution.
  9. Storage of larger files like drawings, photographs and some PDFs replicated and in various applications without proper indexes.
  10. Insufficient or no document retention policy and/or no system in place to enforce and aid compliance.
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