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New Service Announcement: Director of Innovation

As construction companies race to keep up with emerging technologies and new solutions, their organizations must adapt as well. Nothing is more disappointing than new technology recently procured and marginally implemented. The software vendor community seems to be moving away from providing sufficient services to help implement which means the contractor is left to their own devices to get maximum value from their newly licensed software. Several changes to the contractor organization can help improve chances for success.

Larger firms have a newly created “Director of Innovation” or “Director of Strategic Initiatives” position in place to be involved in strategy, evaluation of alternatives, and alignment of tech with the firm’s overall direction. That being said, smaller firms that want help evaluating solutions and value or ROI, find themselves with few resources.

Burger Consulting Group is introducing a service that will allow firms in-need to contract a “Director of Innovation” position with someone knowledgeable about the industry and technology.

A Director of Innovation can be hired on retainer and will spend a couple of days each month helping management evaluate solutions, prioritize initiatives, and provide direction. This service includes:

  • Identifying opportunities for technology within the organization
  • Prioritizing functions and/or processes that need solutions and identifying criteria for optimal solutions
  • Providing monthly reports to the client’s executive sponsors on new developments
  • Presenting quarterly to the Executive Team on initiatives and the status of solutions
  • Working with IT to understand IT strategy in general and ensuring the alignment of solutions

The focus will be on:

  • Organizational Dynamics
  • Dynamics within IT
  • Company Goals & Strategy

Your contracted Burger Consulting Group “Director of Innovation” will dedicate an agreed-upon number of hours per month to your organization, and will deliver:

  • Evaluation of all Business Processes and Identification of Priorities-of-Focus
  • Opportunities for either Process or Software Improvement (including recommendations of potential solutions with expected costs and ROI)
  • Identification of Areas Needing Deeper Analysis & Evaluation
  • A Monthly Report of the Latest Technology (tailored to your construction operation’s needs)

Business Process areas include:

ERP and Back-office Functions
Field Technology
Project Management
IoT and Telematics
Equipment and Tool Management
Document Management
Drawing and Plan Management
Project Management
HR and Time-card Solutions

This role excludes any extensive R&D into IT infrastructure or involvement in any implementation scope. A deeper look via Scenario Planning, Assessment of Existing Processes, Software Selection, Implementation of a Software Selection, or deeper IT Infrastructure Planning will require a separate engagement with Burger Consulting Group.

For more information please Contact Us , email [email protected], or you can learn more by visiting our Director of Innovation service page.

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