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Message from the President

One quarter into 2022 and it has been quite the ride. Rolling out of the pandemic has felt great and I can only hope it is permanent. Burger Consulting made the slog through 2020 and 2021 battered and bruised but intact. We kept the team together and have grown since late last year. We are up to nine people on the team and are looking for two more consultants to join this year.

In terms of new faces at the company, Paige Davis is our most recent hire. We couldn’t be happier to have an individual of her experience and talent supporting Angus Frost and myself and managing the Chicago office. She has quickly gotten up to speed on projects and clients; it is her cheerful voice on the line when you call Burger Consulting Group’s Chicago office.

And finally, the Burger Consulting Group Best Practices Assessment Tool is now fully deployed and in use by contractors around the US. It is entirely free to use and provides a comprehensive way to measure a company’s efficiency and risk on both a system and a process basis. If you haven’t taken the assessment yet, read more about the tool later in this newsletter or by visiting the tool’s website:

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