High Performance Systems in the Field: Myth or Reality

My cell phone doesn’t work. It takes too long to open files. Why is my computer so slow? How often have you heard these remarks, or ones like them, from remote/field users or even the CEO? If you work in Construction IT, you have had to handle these and other related issues on a regular basis. Providing high performance to end users can be challenging, as there are many variables that can impact performance. Identifying and troubleshooting these issues is time-consuming, difficult, and requires a broad range of skills to accomplish the task. All too often, the “solution” turns out to be temporary, or worse still, creates a new set of problems.

After reading the above, you may be thinking:

  1. This does not apply to me, I know what I’m doing … time to check my fantasy football standings.
  2. This does apply to me, but I do not believe you ever can get great field performance … now where is that new Star Wars TV Spot?
  3. This does apply to me, and I have no idea where to start … where’s the Advil?

Whichever camp you fall in, if you’re smart, you know that you can always learn something new.

BCG recently hosted a Webinar titled “High Performance Systems in the Field: Myth or Reality” that provided specific actionable steps for identifying bottlenecks, solving them and putting tools in place to ensure that either they don’t happen again, or you learn about them before end user’s do.

View the Webinar!

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