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Burger Consulting Group Annual Meeting Overview

Burger Consulting Group’s annual meeting was held at the Ambassador Chicago, formerly known as the Ambassador East, located at 1301 N. State Parkway, Chicago. In its heydays, the hotel and its former restaurant, The Pump Room, were well-frequented by celebrities. All Burger Consulting Group (BCG) employees participated in the two-day meeting in mid-September to review the current year and plan for the next.

Working Together on the Business

Meeting topics included the typical State of the Business, Goal Setting, and Key Initiatives to achieve those Goals. A substantial portion of the two-day meeting was focused on effective communication and team building led by an expert consultant in the field. Breakout sessions for the Project Management Team and Consulting Team focused on their specific issues, opportunities, and plans. Some output from each team is shown to the right. Do PMs and Consultants think differently?

 It’s not all about work!

The meeting location provided a wide assortment of choices for dinner with the team. Christian Burger’s knowledge of the area was a great asset in finding a small family-owned restaurant with a great outdoor garden for dinner and refreshments after a long day. The dinner also celebrated Burger Consulting Group’s 25th Anniversary topped off with a calorie-supercharged celebration cake.

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