Procure-To-Pay Process

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Every construction company procures some level of materials, services, subcontracts, and processes invoices for payment. Opportunities often exist for organizations to increase efficiency, and reduce costs & risks in their Procure-to-Pay processes. 

An evaluation of your current Procure-to-Pay process state is an effective tool to gain an in-depth understanding of business needs and opportunities for improvement. It helps you understand questions like:  

  • Are current processes serving your company well? 
  • Does your existing software fit your company needs?
  • Is your Procurement model most effective for your company?

Burger Consulting Group has worked with many construction companies from Specialty to General Contractors in helping them uncover these opportunities. Our team also advises on available technology that best meets company needs, along with best practice recommendations to achieve a more efficient Procure-to-Pay process. 

Diagram of the Procure to Pay process.

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