Gabriela Salinas.

Gabriela Salinas

Project Coordinator


Gabriela Salinas has a background in Construction Safety and Project Administration. As a safety manager she developed and implemented effective policies, procedures, training, and educational materials to promote increased understanding, appreciation and adherence to safe operating practices throughout the company. Gabriela valued the employee; she listened to employee concerns and suggestions and acted on them.

Her experience on the field allowed her to approach the role of project administrator in a new and creative way. She understood the challenges between Office Personnel and Field Personnel and made it her mission to develop a new project management process to successfully run several multimillion-dollar projects simultaneously (i.e. Government, IDOT, CDOT, O’Hare & Metra), all while actively engaging with the workers in the field making sure safety procedures were being followed.

Gabriela is an effective leader and communicator accustomed to working under pressure in fast-paced business environments, possessing great time management skills and excellent teamwork abilities. She possesses the ultimate can do attitude while taking on all tasks with positive energy and a smile. Her upbeat personality and engaging personal style enable her to interact effectively.