Technology Assessment for Large Affiliated Real-Estate Development and General Contractor Working Internationally with Many Related Partnerships


July 2006 – December 2006

Client Size

$500M to $1B (Annual Revenue)

ERP Application

MRI, Timberline Office

Other Related Applications

Hyperion for financial system consolidation
Prolog for construction and job cost management

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The organization was made up of multiple interrelated entities with separate IT departments working independently of each other with no shared vision or direction.
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Unique Challenges

Identifying the software and system support needs of multiple high-growth businesses and how to build synergies between the competing priorities of separate IT departments and companies.
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BCG did a formal technology assessment of the various organizations, the technologies currently in place, and the talent level of the technology departments supporting the various business entities. Through a series of strategy workshops, BCG guided the leadership team on various options to address the challenges discovered.
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BCG develop a comprehensive plan to merge the various IT departments into a single support group to leverage the talent in place to better support organizational objectives. BCG also recommended replacement and key upgrades to core systems that were out of date and not meeting the needs of the organizations using them.
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Client Testimonial

From Director of Infrastructure:

“BCG’s recommendations were key to bringing competing technology departments into the same organization, creating synergies that otherwise would not have been possible. Their out-of-the-box approach were game changers for the organization’s growth and expansion.”