Case Study: ERP and Business Process Assessment for Large Heavy and Civil Contractor with Large Equipment Fleet


March 2022 – August 2022

Client Size

$200M to $500M
(Annual Revenue)

ERP Application


Other Related Applications

HCSS HeavyBid
HCSS HeavyJob
Oracle P6

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The company is transitioning to larger mega projects which involve joint ventures (JVs) and public-private partnerships (PPPs). Given the history of the firm, management was concerned the company was not prepared for some of the demands of this new delivery method, including project management, best practice gaps in processes, efficient communication between solutions (integration needs), and document management.
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Unique Challenges

Internal Resources were not fully aligned on the path the project should take.
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Burger Consulting Group focused on evaluating the company’s business processes first, then evaluated the extent of use of the various solutions across all departments to understand where any inefficiencies were and where best the company could see the greatest return on their time investment.

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Burger Consulting Group created a Planning Workbook identifying the priorities the company should focus on with a timeline. Through the course of several planning sessions, the company had documented a final plan for addressing the challenges initially identified.