Photo of Brandon Hanacik.

Brandon Hanacik

Senior Project Manager/Consultant


Brandon Hanacik is a Senior Project Manager specializing in helping clients implement software on time and within budget. He has been instrumental in helping contractors implement and deploy large-scale solutions like ERP and project management. Oftentimes the projects that Brandon leads involve the integration of multiple solutions, which brings with it an added level of complexity. Typically, his implementations involve large implementation teams and last from 6 months to a year. Brandon brings a unique skill set to the project as he used to work as a Project Manager with a large general contractor, so he knows the field and operations perspective very well. Brandon begins many engagements during the software selection phase, so he has a feel for the client’s, objectives, resources, and limitations, which allows him to be well-positioned to lead the project during the implementation phase.

Brandon has recently been engaged to help companies differentiate between project management, document management, and standard ERP solutions. Brandon’s experience and professional manner allow him to effectively communicate and coordinate resources from client and vendor teams to facilitate a successful project. Recently, Brandon has worked on the following projects:

  • ERP selection and integration management project involving a large, multi-location specialty contractor. Coordinating between internal (client) and external (vendor) resources, Brandon managed the project to integrate ERP (Job cost and accounting system) with Business Development (CRM), Human Resources (HRMS), and Time Tracking solution. 
  • ERP implementation project involving a large multi-location demo/remediation contractor. Brandon took on the role of the client project manager and coordinated will the client and vendor teams which included the integration of ERP, CRM, and Project Management systems; building out test scripts to insure all processes were tested prior to go-live; building out end-user training and documentation; insuring all custom reports were created and deployed prior to go-live.
  • Scale ticket and Material Management project involving a large, multi-location commercial, civil, and industrial contractor. Working directly with the civil group and coordinating with the shared corporate resources, Brandon led a process improvement project that included system integration management, developing a strategy for integrating scale ticketing, fleet management, truck hauling, and ERP systems.