Steve Otto.

Steve Otto

ERP Implementation Consultant


Steve Otto has 15 years of hardware and software implementation & integration experience. He’s a vetted expert in helping companies strategically implement ERP software and technologies across multiple verticals. He has been instrumental in helping companies implement and deploy large-scale solutions like COINS, Aloha Enterprise, BuildTools, Splunk, EVM Solutions, CRM, Loyalty Programs, SSMS, Tripwire, Bit9, WSUS, along with technology solutions such as CCTV, Mobile tracking, phone systems, and commercial Audio/Video. Oftentimes projects that Steve leads involve the integration of multiple solutions.

Steve brings a unique skill set as he has managed broad complex enterprise projects and initiatives in collaboration with executives and cross-functional leaders, as well as created and implemented transparent risk-based processes for reviewing and addressing variances in capacity and demand forecasts posing risks to the successful delivery of strategic programs and projects. He has built strong and strategic cross-functional partnerships to accomplish goals and deliverables.

Steve has recently helped two commercial construction companies deploy COINS OA successfully and on time. Steve’s experience and professional manner allows him to effectively communicate and coordinate resources from client and vendor teams to facilitate a successful project.