Case Study: Software Selection – General Contractor – California

Oracle Based System


General Contractor in California

Client Size

Over $1B
(Annual Revenue)

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Citrix Winframe

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The company had purchased a network based system several years ago when it was smaller. They had more than outgrown the system and were having data integrity problems as well as performance issues in spite of the thousands of dollars they had invested in Citrix Winframe servers and custom programming.
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Unique Challenges

Due to the dispersed operations and the size of the company, it was clear that a traditional system selection was not practical. Management strongly believes in empowering its people and encouraging broad participation in significant decisions. Given the widely dispersed operations, it was necessary to carefully coordinate and plan meetings and presentations to minimize travel and effectively utilize personnel.
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Burger Consulting Group assisted the client with a two- stage system selection that involved both a technical compatibility and functional compatibility examination of available software. Once the short list of vendors was determined, a system selection was conducted with a detailed request for proposal (RFP) prepared, involving personnel from most of the eleven offices. Two vendors, both Oracle based, were shortlisted, and detailed demonstrations were conducted. A single vendor was then selected to conduct a week long conference room pilot (CRP) facilitated by Burger Consulting Group. Following the CRP, final custom requirements were determined, an implementation plan was developed. A fast-track implementation proceeded using a core team approach.
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The client selected a state-of-the-art client/server Oracle based system and has implemented it using fast track methodology. the system went from planning to being live in under six months.
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Lessons Learned:

  • It is possible to get organizational commitment and participation from a large geographically dispersed team with careful planning
  • Users are an important part of the selection process, even in large firms
  • Fast track implementation can save money if it is conducted properly