Case Study: Material Management Integration with ERP for Large Heavy/Civil Contractor with Trucking, Equipment, & Aggregate Manufacturing


February 2020 – July 2020

Client Size

$500M to $1B (Annual Revenue)

ERP Application

CMiC V10

Other Related Applications

Various scale ticketing solutions
CMiC in process of upgrade to R12 from V10
HCSS HeavyBid

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Management was frustrated with the inability for Project Managers (PM) to get real-time job cost information from their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system because of delays associated with material, equipment and trucking costs. There was a lot of spreadsheet and manual effort needed to get the data the company had available into the primary system. The ERP solution, though capable, was lacking in much of the necessary data. Processes were deemed inefficient for admin personnel.
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Unique Challenges

Some of the key solutions in place were older/legacy solutions without good integration and/or data access. This presented considerable challenges for the client. Further, some of these systems were not previously integrated so data was very much siloed.
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Burger Consulting Group did extensive process mapping and solution engineering to identify how all data needed for project and resource management moved through the organization and which systems were involved. Once this was known, Burger Consulting Group worked with IT to evaluate the back-end infrastructure and databases of the primary systems to determine the integration capabilities. This involved working directly with each of the solution developers like CMiC, Command Alkon and HCSS as well as some new vendors for trucking.

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The client ended up with a data and integration roadmap that allowed their IT department to effectively develop the necessary integrations and reports once the optimal data flow was understood. This also gave the vendors the requirements to better implement their solutions within the client organization. They especially appreciated the added direction from Burger Consulting Group and acknowledge that this was not something they could have done individually.

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Client Testimonial

From CFO:

“Burger Consulting confidently led our operations, material and accounting personnel through extensive workflow mapping which opened our eyes to the inefficiency of our current processes. With the process maps in hand and data architecture better understood, IT was able to set about integrating various solutions and building out middleware solution with adapters. Reporting was made much more timely and accurate within the ERP solution and BI.”.