Case Study: ERP Selection and Implementation Integrations for Large Specialty Contractor with National Footprint


February 2020 – April 2021

Client Size

$200M to $500M
(Annual Revenue)

ERP Application

COINS (from eCMS)

Other Related Applications

On Center and QuickBid for Estimating
UKG for Human Resources (HR)
Salesforce for Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Rhumbix for Time/Quantities

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Company’s growth was constrained by inefficient systems. Their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system was on an older tech stack and prevented the IT department from moving to a cloud deployment. Operations was performing job cost almost entirely on spreadsheets, separately from ERP. Systems were siloed.
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Unique Challenges

Accounting and Operations were not on the same timeline for replacing ERP. Decentralized operation with less “command and control” structure from home office, causing processes to be location specific and not standardized.
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Burger Consulting Group met with multiple operating locations to come up with a standardized set of requirements to evaluate ERP’s against as well as starting the process of aligning all locations on standardized processes. Once a solution was selected Burger Consulting Group was tasked with managing the integration portion of the implementation, which involved four separate solutions with varying degrees of capabilities.

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During the course of the ERP Selection, Burger Consulting Group was able to help the organization prioritize objectives from the various locations to determine the best-fit ERP for the organization as a whole.

During the implementation phase, a decision was made early on to leverage an iPaaS middleware solution to integrate with all solutions to be included in Phase 1 of the go-live for the ERP. Through the course of coordinating with the four vendors, the iPaaS solution, and internal resources; the project went live successfully on time.

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Client Testimonial

From Director of Project Information:

“I am confident that the Burger Teams’ role was a vital part of our implementation process”.