Case Study: Systems Evaluation – General Contractor – Ohio


Large General Contractor providing commerical building services for public and private customers throughout the West

Client Size

$50M to $200M
(Annual Revenue)

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The company had been using one computer system for about 10 years and was wondering whether it was time for a change. Recent developments in client/server software had left them uncertain whether significant benefits could be obtained with a new system.
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Unique Challenges

The company had wide ranging needs in its different divisions. The accounting department was happy with the system but operations people were feeling that a lack of integration with the field systems was resulting in lost efficiency and redundant work. Procedures in the company had not been seriously addressed in some time.
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Burger Consulting Group met with members of different departments and facilitated interdepartmental discussions that helped the client realize that their issues were not, chiefly, with the software vendor, though there were some items that needed addressing. Specific approaches and objectives were set forth to improve procedures and a list of open items was submitted to the vendor to ensure that those items that were uncovered were addressed appropriately.
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The client saved a large investment in a new system and training. The vendor is saving a good client. The client is investing in improvements to a system that works and plans to improve productivity as a result of incremental changes to its system.