Case Study: Software Selection – Concrete Contractor – North Carolina


Small and growing Concrete and Grading Contractor

Client Size

$10M to $50M
(Annual Revenue)

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The company had an old accounting system that was missing certain key modules such as equipment and billing that were needed to help them grow and maintain control. Manual processes were not keeping up. A PC based equipment management system was not integrated with accounting and was only marginally adequate.
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Unique Challenges

The company was developing its key employees into new positions of responsibility. They were still developing new procedures and finding out what was really needed to do their jobs better as the system selection was taking place. The president of the company was looking for more management information to help him control the organization as it was growing into new business areas. Some younger project managers were focusing on technology while not fully comprehending the complexity that client/ server systems would bring.
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Burger Consulting Group conducted a system selection process, assisting the client in establishing reasonable requirements to meet their growing business needs, while not overwhelming new managers with a complex implementation that would be beyond their capabilities. A host based system was selected with a path toward a conversion to client/ server in the future.
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The client selected a flexible system with enough structure to ensure that the implementation would not be unreasonably long or arduous. After a reasonably short implementation of four months, the company has brought the system on line and is gradually eliminating the side systems, becoming more efficient and gaining control of the information.
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Lessons Learned:

  • Sometimes a conservative approach is better than going after the latest technology
  • Client/server software is not right for everybody