Best Practices Assessment Tool

How do your processes and systems measure up against industry peers?

Burger Consulting Group has teamed up with Viewpoint and Onware Business Solutions to develop and introduce the Best Practices Assessment Tool.

The Best Practices Assessment Tool allows you to gauge where your organization stands against industry average and best-in-class contractors.

The Assessment :

  • Gives you visibility into what processes are most inefficient and risky
  • Identifies whether the risk is associated with either processes and/or systems
  • Provides you specific actionable recommendations.

100% free and completely confidential.

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Get Actionable Recommendations

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Compare Against Peer Contractors

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Uncover Hidden Risks and Inefficiencies

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Optimize Your Processes and Software

What People Are Saying About Us

"Burger Consulting was able to gain instant credibility with our team due to their in-depth knowledge of how contractors function."
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Design/Build Firm
"Because of Burger Consulting, our company is in a place we could have only wished for a couple of years ago.”
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Specialty Contractor
"Looking back over six years, it was a tiny bit of time and money we spent with Burger Consulting for a transformational engagement."
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