Christian Burger, President of Burger Consulting Group, was graciously invited by the Colorado Chapter of CFMA to present Document Management, Project Management (PM), and Collaboration during their recent morning meeting.

Fresh from a two-day meeting in Phoenix, the IT Forum Steering committee met to discuss the coming year and plan for the IT Forum in Chicago, August 4- 5, 2016.

If you tuned into today’s ENR webinar, The Future of Collaborative File Sharing you realized that there is considerable confusion in the construction marketplace around document collaboration (e.g., Box, DropBox),

My cell phone doesn’t work. It takes too long to open files. Why is my computer so slow? How often have you heard these remarks, or ones like them, from

How Would You Rate Your Organization? Significant dependence on paper forms and documents including manual filing (look for lots of filing cabinets and banker boxes). Significant costs associated with document

BCG has begun to observe and embrace an important shift in implementation methodologies among the ERP software vendors. The change has been a result of changes in construction companies as

One of the trends BCG has begun to see over the last two years has been a migration of system support from the IT department to the user community or

Interesting, one of the top trends in Information Week is actually consistent with a trend in construction IT, that of consolidation. The publishers of Information Week are reporting record acquisitions

Let me save you some reading, at least tedious reading, while still giving you some rather profound if not obvious insight from a recently published business book called Wired for

During a recent client meeting BCG was introduced to Sage‘s next generation ERP product that is intended to be the migration path for current Timberline TCO users. The reseller, an

Burger Consulting, recently frustrated with the limitations of Excel and PowerPoint graphing capability, researched and found a program called Tableau. The program has one function and one function only, building