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Available June 1, 2020

Webinar: MindFuel Construction Series

Two game-changing trends in construction are BIM and offsite - are they the path to a bright future?

Mindfuel Social Construction

This session explores processes such as offsite and modular manufacturing, what they can do to help a business and what needs to be in place to use them effectively.  Panelists from UK and US  share what is happening in their markets and where they see them going.

Session Description:
Industrialized construction adoption is accelerating around the world. What are your plans for BIM, modular, offsite and prefabricated manufacturing? We examine the current landscape and take out our crystal ball to see how it will evolve—and its potential benefit for your business.

Christian Burger, Burger Consulting Group
Jaimie Johnston, Director, Bryden Wood
Kenny Ingram, IFS

Designed for companies examining new techniques, wondering how to get started or looking for inspiration and excitement about change.

What you will learn:

  • An exciting demonstration of techniques in use today that speed and simplify construction.
  • Ideas on how to leverage less skilled workforces to construct efficiently around the world.