Photo of Ausrine Rakauskaite.

Ausrine Rakauskaite

Senior Business Analyst


Ausrine is a Senior Business Analyst at Burger Consulting and brings her enthusiasm for construction and technology to each project. She has been actively engaged in several projects where research into various technologies and solutions was required. She has helped clients and investors evaluate the software landscape overall as well as supported consultants on software selection projects where specific solutions had to be closely evaluated.

Ausrine also manages two of our most valuable tools, our online Construction Best Practices Benchmarking Platform and our industry Software Product database. The Construction Best Practices Benchmarking Platform is a software solution contractors use to evaluate their internal business processes and solutions against average and best-in-class values, providing specific actionable recommendations based on their responses. The Software Product database provides details on over 250 construction-related applications by contractors throughout the US and Canada and is an invaluable tool when identifying viable solutions for clients.

Ausrine applies her construction management background and education in evaluating available solutions against a set of key criteria for viability in meeting modern contractors’ and construction project managers’ needs. Ausrine’s technical background has been immensely helpful when evaluating various enterprise solutions like middleware, mobile platforms, and Business Intelligence (BI).

Ausrine also contributes to the BCG newsletter and conducts the background research for webinars, white-papers, and other assignments. Recently Ausrine worked on the following projects:

  • Providing research on scale ticketing and truck hauling solutions, as well as middleware solutions, for a large heavy civil and construction materials contractor. This project included the identification of requirements, pre-qualifying vendors, developing demonstration scripts based on client requirements, and coordinating the demonstrations.
  • Providing software product market analysis to large independent investment group seeking recommendations for software investments in the construction industry. The research included competitive analysis, market share evaluation, and company ownership structure.